When reality is conditioned


Social Media is an effective space to target disinformation. It is right for us to consider the fact that our source of information regarding the world (the mainstream media), has its ulterior motives (which do not serve the common good) and which more often than not, speaks of topics that hardly matter to humankind and its evolution.

         Here I talk about topics that are deliberately obscured and which thereby rarely make it into the minds of people. Or even if they did, they must have been passed off as yet another entertaining ‘conspiracy’. Words like these are now so stigmatised that nothing much can be seriously conveyed by their use. I am even avoiding naming these topics due to the sheer risk of sounding commonplace and trite, and with an interest to preserve my intent to convey a right mind-set first. If you notice the nature of my recent posts/shares (and the many that will follow), you must get an idea of the topics that I am referring to. The issue at hand has majorly to do with our choice of awareness. The average attention span of us human beings has reduced worldwide by 4 seconds in the last 15 years and stands at a current 8.25 seconds. While technology and artificial intelligence is meant to speed up the workings of the physical world in terms of manufacturing, communication and transportation, we were always meant to fight for and retain our mental autonomy. It is imperative to see that we have begun to accept a reality where personal opinions matter more than reason and empathic consideration. The media through which we view the world at large has been successful in exploiting this tendency of the human mind and has sowed seeds of indoctrination since they were first invented. ‘The most scientific indoctrination tool ever devised’, it is said about television. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_fwcTZUBW0)

We are constantly flirting with the risk of giving in to the ‘spectator mindset’- a condition where one loses his response-ability and stands by to just watch what is going on. That is exactly what happens to most people when they engage in news – it leaves them feeling powerless and with a bitter aftertaste about the entire world. When the mind is caught in a momentum of continuous sensory input, there is barely any power left to cogitate about oneself and one’s relationship with the world. Your autonomy is sacrificed before you realise it.

         What I’m trying to say here is that with each passing day, people’s reality is conditioned more and more by the powers that be. It is done so very subtly and most interestingly, with the consent of us people. Look around you, what are people engaged in, what are their concerns? Much of the population today is lost in fascination with technology and artificial intelligence. While it is an obvious fact that we are now doing unprecedented things with technology, we must remember that external technological capabilities do not define our individual inner evolution.

         The present condition is not entirely our doing, but in realizing that there is a definite condition that we are caught in, the process of breaking out of it is initiated. By doing one’s own research on topics like these, with an innate curiosity about the world we live in, we are also lending a voice to the much curbed ‘alternative’ media that strives against the powerful mainstream to bring an awareness of truthful information. There are thousands if not millions of people who have come to dedicate their lives to dispel the secrets that have been carefully kept from humanity itself, and the myths and false notions that have been sold to us by large media corporations.

         We must understand that topics like such require much more concern and conscious attention. We’ve always wondered about otherworldly things and possibilities since we were young, only to be disregarded by those around us because the answers we sought didn’t have solid proof of its existence. But is this really the case? Are there no answers really? Is humankind still in its infancy, like it was a century ago? Or is it possible that the human population is kept misinformed? And that any attempt of its disclosure is destroyed by those that protect the agenda? The questions are many and the time is now for them to be asked. I haven’t even begun to talk about the actual things I’m referring to. The gravity of these things is so huge that it requires a sufficiently strong introduction and background before they can be discussed and learnt about. In my own way, since the past few months, I have been consumed in knowing about the hidden intentions of the powers that run large corporations, governments, etc.

         We cannot be more wrong in believing that we have nothing to do with it. We have everything to do with the state of today’s world and those who run it. We have every reason to realize the mental slavery we are leading ourselves into. We will see that if a revolution is needed in today’s age, it cannot be the kind of outer revolution that took place in past decades and centuries. Today, the revolution is an inner revolution. A silent rebellion of our own hearts to discover the truth of the nature of the world and to regain the autonomy of our intuition rather than giving in to conjecture. We are conscious beings living in a body, destined for liberation from the ideas of the mind and to move into the sphere of the non-physical, to the understanding of frequency, energy and vibration.



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