Innervated, my soul is screaming with a rage I have never felt. The expression so unbounded and free and irrational and full of the juice of life. Like a beast of no inhibition I blaze through the calm and numbing streets of this world that lack life vigor and imagination. The dullness of existence, so pale and not at all extravagant.
I satiate in my own speciality, in the fireworks of ego and power. But I fail and collapse on the nothingness that this all is. back to where I began, a place from where I can never escape. A place in which I am condemned to be. Like a rise and fall I fight again and again, fall again and again.
Endlessly suffering from myself, from a fever of meaning, I scream my lungs out to nothingness, and it responds with an eerie silence and signifies my inconsequence.
Who do I want ? This burns in me – that endless relentless little flame that will consume anything and everything in its way. The source of all life, this one. The ever smiling, moral-less flame of consciousness.


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