Who are we? (2)

     Existence is just is. You are also this existence, but with eyes to see, ears to hear and brain to receive the subtle part of existence which may be called ‘thoughts’. The gravel on the ground is also existence, an unmoving, un-breathing existence that shows no apparent response to its environment.

Existence is. ‘Things happen’ in this large existence. Things are perceived to happen because there is something that perceives it. If you are that which is experiencing things, you are then the perceiver.

You are not simply a perceiver like a radio receiver which merely receives from the outside. You are lodged within an apparatus that does very complex things such as assume an identity, create meaning, sacrifice, experience fear, self-destroy, renounce and carry out myriad other beautiful actions.

Remember still, you are the perceiver. Another word for perceiver would be consciousness. You are consciousness. Consciousness is an unbiased, impartial word. You too, as consciousness are unbiased and pure; but you are so pure and transparent in quality that you would not be able to judge or think or act or ‘perform’ any function by yourself as just consciousness.

Does the white of paper perform any function? The quality of just being white is a basis that allows the possibility of painting or writing. You as consciousness too, allow the possibility of action and reaction and all sense experience.



  1. White of all colours in a colour by itself creates serenity, wisdom and thereby peace. All i can say is i could sum up to reach serenity. Yet the wait will be worth awhile with your words of art. keep it up my friend for one day we shall…:))


  2. Lodged within a beautiful apparatus.!Wow !
    And the recognition of the purity of the soul is beautifully related to white , the colour of all colours.
    Keep writing!,


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