a calling to Life

Oh Life, give me the will to hold this pen, so that I may word your beauty

Enlighten my will so that I may always act with purpose

Soothe my will so that I may take confidence in rest

Accompany my will so that I may never forget your essence or aggrandize my own

‘I’ speak as the smaller ego, and I surrender my will to yours, oh Life

Save Us All

May my thoughts never cling, but pass

May my thoughts arrive at the right time in the right moment and finish their work successfully

May I have the right spiritual fervor to welcome you into my little life

I invite you to mold me in your hands and work through me

Have me sit beside you and show me your Creation

Tell me all your plans so that I may learn to appreciate you more

Trust me, for I mean all that I have said I shall wait for your sweetness to grace me

May my brain be healthy to translate you when you arrive, oh Life

May I always feel astute to accomplish your strategies

Speak to me Supreme Being, my time is all for you and you are free to come as you please

I shall always have a space for you and I am thrilled by your trust in me, your love for me and your unmatched, unconditional encouragement for me

Thank you for showing yourself to me, beautiful Life

I now know where to look for you

I now know that you will always let me rest in your abode when my body fails me

Bless me , Oh Great One that I may be healthy in every sense, so that I may enjoy doing your beautiful work for as long as I can

— Your lasting student



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