Tears grew into a stream
depths of emotion Washing him clean
Sat still, he let It flow and fall 
courage it takes, to not fight
swaying gently with the wind , his shoulders follow
and as if escaped from a choking grip,
gasps to the breeze’s nudge 
it says in his ear – “I knew you could reach your hidden dark alleys..”
A smile breaks out his sullen, resistant face
Through the cob webs of his own doing
And breaks into a laughter
Something unfelt for a long long time 
Awed and wowed, he settles in the graceful lap of Nature
Opening the eyes, his birds still glided across the green
curious little rabbits nibbling grass 
Stop to watch this strange man 
beginning to learn their ways 
The cold grew, and forced to retreat, he stands up and walks away..
His steps ever so slow, his sinews become known to him for the first time 
every pebble under his foot, every leaf that moved
Nature entered his world, or he into Hers
in a grand revelation he learned 
of things one could give birth from within 

The grass far behind now, pressed flat in an outline of the way he laid
Marked a beginning to all that was to follow
he fades into the distance,
ahead into the thick of his life
his circumstance, the distractions of it all..
but Bearing this line in mind and heart – 

‘the present is where future lies.
And our past is best when repurposed’. 


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