What’s a blog worthy post?

I don’t know now but by the end of this piece, we’ll be certain what’s not. So this is your risk. Not like gaining confirmation from a YouTube video’s views or looking for a ‘#1 Best Seller’ on a book cover or looking for an IMDB rating… examples are everywhere, basically. We just want to be sure, that’s it! We want to make the most of our time. Yes, AND our choices. So whatever I choose to do, I try to make it good. And what do we DO? Consume! C’mon this isn’t 1970 when it didn’t seem like anyone was spoilt for choice as we are today. A lil shopping isn’t gonna hurt! Right?? Consumption – the quintessential point of living on Planet Earth. Not sure what that Alien planet is called. I have my reasons to think their shopping experience is out of this world. I once had a clear dream of going to the Amazon, and anyone understood. Now I have to explain because you shop there. Or in any of the other hundred shopping websites you know. We all just went from retail to virtual. Buying is more two dimensional than before. Our whole lives for that matter. Netflix is movie shopping. Tinder is .. date shopping. You’re always on some window – swiping it, tapping, clicking it and seeing who or what responds from the other side. Windows got to have made their best bet with naming their corporation. I move my fingers more than my feet now and this house is increasingly becoming a… hypnotic deja vu! WFH isn’t helping anyone get out of their shells 🙄

Fifteen sentences before, I was trying to iterate that this was the age of Consumption. Wait, is it Information? I guess it all comes down to the same.

We’re ever more primed to judge a book by its cover, just that the cover now has everything you need to know to make a conscientious ‘purchase’. Things are more bare now. Or obscured – depends on what you’re looking at. And who you are and how you see it and where you’re from and.


Interesting times we’re living in! – something everybody seems to be saying each passing decade.

When I’m not with my shrink or shrunk in a corner disappointed that I can’t outpace the world, you can find me mocking myself and all those sporty souls who can take a joke. I try to be funny and when it fails, I’m hurt. As someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, satire comes simply. The best comedians are ones who offend with respect and you can’t help laughing. At yourself. Coz his jokes are all about you and a lot of us pay for that experience. What has the world come to! One of the better things Free Speech gives us is humor. Am I the the only one who is more than tired responding to people that are too nice for no reason and put themselves quickly in the boring zone? Sure, one can always be more kind and thoughtful; I just ask that you don’t leave Funny out of the list!

Before seeming any more autobiographical 😉 , I’ll leave you to find your answer to the prompt I started with. It was just an ice breaker.


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