An arduous journey

Listless in the wastes of the mind 
Lips dry in this dusty sunshine 
He wandered, tears rolled and dried 
His knees strong and heart on fire 
‘Am I here, now’ is the right question
‘How far?’ Was never the question 
Thinking this, hugging himself
He withstood a raging storm 
Brittle skulls he stepped on 
Crushed under him, with great significance 
Drawing from generations of lost souls 
Stronger by the failures before him 
He was never alone, in a sense
But always only with oneself too 
Understanding the difference
He covered his face securely 
Walking onwards against a merciless yellow desert 
Everything always comes to an end 
And so will this, he knelt
With reverence to this love he is witness to
The tough love of Him
He alone was capable of such
The sands cut through his skin
Burnt and bruised, notwithstanding 
He stood and began the end of the ordeal 
This time only more humbled,
strengthened, humored,
And well taught 
His cape lashed, whipped against the blows
Firm against the wind He stood, waited, watched.
A silhouette amidst the sandy air
The Master invited him here 

“Hahahahaha hahaha………..”

The disciple guffawed with a full heart 
until he cried experiencing the sheer beauty of His plan 
Goosebumps arising from under his skin
In the desert’s relentless heat, he shivers 
Now he knows for himself that the stories were all true. 
Ragged and tattered by his arduous journey
– worried if the Master would recognize him,

limping towards the Creator 
he trips at His feet And hugs for dear life, 
And with the last of his tears, washing them 
With little left on him, stripped naked 
And nothing left in him, offering everything he had 
Looks up at the face of his Original Friend, 
A mien of Divinity, Serenity, Love, Power, Benevolence, Invincibility, Permanence.. he saw it all at once
his hands shaking, press together in gratitude
And He lifts His in blessing 
the Pupil fades into the hot, dusty air of the desert
Dissolves himself to the sand
Leaving no trace

He left, yet merged
He exited the game, having played it well and 
knowing it better than anyone


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