Gone with the wind

The winds roamed free and all around my heated cabin.
Peering into the darkness, while protected by a window, 
I presented myself to the night, the breeze, the swaying trees 
– they all welcomed my spectatorship. 
“How original nature is”, I thought. 
Unbridled in her being, unconditional in her love.

I pocketed my hands – the heat wasn’t enough. 
And the winds understood my fragility. 
with their timeless wisdom,
one could tell how happy the winds were.
like a classroom of little children let out to play, 
forgotten in their freedom
and impressing upon everything and everyone around them. 

The trees rocked, danced, bent
and shimmered their thousand leaves in the moonlight. 
Everything spoke. 
To every soul that was witnessing this spectacle. 
I was their audience. 
The tickets were free.
The venue was never announced.
Somehow it all worked out. 

The desk candle has seen all of my night’s experience before its last breath. 
My back against a faithful bed, these eyes closed to a greater darkness. 
The play went on. 
Leaves ruffled and the winds sang. 
And I had passed.
From one world to another. 



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