Invisible Dance

Like ripples, notes spread to the ends of my mind 
Upon the plain waters of my inner space, 
Music treads its gentle feet 
I worshipped, holding still for her to walk straight and far
guiding me to myself 

She dances the most graceful dance, 
The tiptoe and the twirl
The jubilant high gallops and landings that never press 
My body swayed in her rhythm 
To her aliveness, to her fullness 

A little stream breaking anew from the touch of each step 
Her ecstasy building an air of heaviness, of rain
A pouring joy erupting to blow up this sanctum inside my bones
A waterfall of the grandest kind
A breathtaking cascade of water
Starting its descent down from the windows of my mind 

She washes me, fulfills me, empties me 
Carrying her inside me so she refreshes me 
A giver and a recipient, we travel the world and the seas
Of turbulence, in misty rainclouds,
Of blinding clarity, in pristine air
Of death and life here 
To the afterlife and back here
To where its always a beginning 
Always a beginning


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