The fading light

My hands clawed into the soil, holding on dearly
As i continue to slip from a beautiful feeling
Something I would not want to let go, like water from between my fingers 
I wish i could hold on, this benevolence that has graced me today 

I watch her go, fading into the air I’m breathing
She tells me “I’m everywhere and in everything”
She fades so slowly, and that Divine mien frozen in time 
Tears slip down my cheek as she assures me that life will be always so beautiful 

Helpless and sad, i sink to my knees 
trying to accept the way existence is 
Trying to play the sportiest game one can play – this life
‘Only the tough ones win’, I thought
and the tough ones are the most pliable ones.

A new perspective into what is fleeting, fickle, and short lived
life forces me to see sanctity in impermanence
In life’s every stage, relearning what is valuable 
And in the very end relinquishing value itself 


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