A dog’s best friend

At first, I couldn’t tell.
There was a dog under the tree just lying in the shade like that. 

Not a movement, not a sound. I walked around and closer to look. He didn’t seem startled; but neither did his tail wag. So I knelt beside him, intrigued for his story. As he looked at me trying to communicate something deep, I realized that I had not once before wished that dogs could talk the English language. 

I placed my hand on his face, feeling sorry I could not fully understand him. He entire body was going cold. The sun was high up, and it was just me and this full grown tree for the dog’s company. His time was near and I sat myself on the ground beside this soul. This wonderful being I’m given the chance to accompany. A dog lives his mechanical life, just like you and I do. Except we human beings have a choice. Now, this fellow’s senility had reached its peak and his earthly difficulties were at their end. His breathing slowed, eyes half closed, with a gaze fixed afar. 

He had begun to leave, I stayed.

Telling him he is loved, I caressed his head. 

After all, we are dogs’ best friends too.  


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