Who are we?

Us human beings are really here to meet our own ends, nothing else, not any others’. Even in being apparently generous or ‘selfless’ there is an inherent gain that we each seek. Sometimes the pleasure of the act itself is the gain. We might also be enjoying a validation for which we are mostly unconscious of at that moment. It often is our insecurity in life, anxieties of the future and doubts on our capabilities. In ‘love’, we enjoy a solace, a very successful forgetfulness of the sense of time. All apprehension, longing, desire and pain come from the sense of time we experience in our minds. This sense that something begins, grows, proceeds, withers and ultimately disappears; this idea of ‘passing’ carries us with it till we disappear from this earth, unless we happen to see this situation of ours and try to understand how and why this is so.
People seem ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on how well these gains are transacted with each other. Even in unconditional love, the joy of it is known only to the lover, unless the loved one also unconditionally loves this lover and experiences a separate and unique joy of that unconditional love.
This is in no intention to perform sacrilege to what we hold dear – this act of giving oneself to a great meaning. Meaning is nevertheless created by us for us. An advanced consciousness requires something abstract for its healthy ‘sense of living’…


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